Arts and Crafts: The best ways to engage students in content learning is to incorporate the arts and crafts. Because of students openness to arts their motivation remains high, their attention spans tends to be longer and their learning increases. Allowing the students to create and express their choices of arts makes learning personal and relevant. Hence arts and crafts resources which is available in the institution immensely helped the students in bringing out their talents and creativity. The teachers also reaps the rewards of having students use critical thinking skills and flourish in learning content through relevant and individualized project.

Science Laboratory: Instructional resources aids the students in seeing the mathematical formula or equation which they had the problem in memorizing much easier to understand and memorize since it include visual aids . It also helps the students to get excited to learn with instructional resources than without it and also helps them to understand the concept far more better and give them interest in the subject. Keeping this in mind the mathematical laboratory has to contain certain concrete materials which can represent or present certain real challenges during teaching learning processes. As for the teacher it also encourages them to see the students learn with interest and helps them to step in with additional instructions.

Music Room

Library: DIET Library provide an open access run with the Library Management System (LMS) Local made Library Software. The Library is upgraded with automation, all the documents which is purchased or received from the Government,

Open access help us to save time for the students and faculty. LMS is a resource planning system for a library. It comprises of a relational database, software to interact with the database. The main operation is to organize the books, issue books to library members, recording issue and submitting the books. All these operations are simplified by library Management System. Its main features are - books can be easily searched by their title, description or author, and also books can be seen in appropriate categories. It is secured with a user log in id. It significantly reduces the workload of managing a Library. As for the students the LMS provides the key to an efficient forward thinking library, one that creates a productive environment for everyone. Transforming the library helps our students to easily check for available books and create trust in the library and institution.

Computer Lab: The institution have EDUSAT, Internet, TLM and computers to meet the needs of the students and faculty in teaching and learning. Teachers accessed internet to collect information and materials for self study and teaching purposes and computers for powerpoint presentation and keeping important materials. Students also used computers and internet for study purposes.

Edusat is also made used for distant classroom education by delivering educational materials for the students through satellite. It is also helpful for the teachers to gain more knowledge through edusat.

SPORTS: Health Education is a vital part of Education system. It is important to assure the students of their mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing. A sound mind and body is essential for learning. Moreover it helps grow within the mind of a learner to abide by the rules of the institution and the rules of the society and certain rules designed by himself or herself to control his /her self. Considering this immense impact of physical education in the field of general education sports and games have been placed in the class routine. Therefor the students of D El Ed should be aquainted with know how of some sports and games for this multipurpose playground is required .