a. Academic Development:

(i) Upgradation of Mini-DIET into Full-Fledged DIET:

Due to less number of teachers in the district, the office was initially established as Mini-DIET which can conduct only In-service training programmes viz, Refresher Course, Orientation Programmes, worshop, Seminar, Awareness Campaign etc for In-Service Elementary School Teachers. Fortunately with the efforts of the State Government and Officers of Education and SCERT Departments on 29th December 2012. Government of India officially upgraded Mini-DIET into full-fledged DIET. With this upgradation from the year 2014 the office can now play roll and function of a full-fledged DIET and give certificate degrees to untrained teacher which will certify them as trained teachers.

(ii) Training Programme:

Being the only training institute for teachers in the district, DIET, Champhai organise and conduct training programmes as under-

(a) Organising training programmes for government and Private Middle School and Primary School Headmasters and Teachers, Anganwadi workers, Pre-School Teachers, BRCCs, CRCCs, Community Leaders ect. Not only these, DIET, Champhai Lecturers act as Resource Person for Education Awareness Campaign related to CCE and RTE at different Schools.

(b) Conducting training in collaboration with SSA, Champhai for Primary School and Middle School Headmasters, Teachers, BRCCs and CRCCs.

(c) DIET guidelines 2012, suggested that DIETs would undertake the function of CTE by giving In-service training of Secondary School Teachers where there is no CTE to cater for the district or because of the large number of teachers to be trained. As such, DIET , Champhai being the only training institute for teachers in the district , Champhai DIET play the role and function of CTE. hence, DIET Champhai conduct training for High school Teachers with RMSA, Champhai.

(d) The most memorable and woth mentioning is 30 days spoken English Training conducted for 28 Myanmar Police Officers on April 2012 in collaboration with Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs and Myanmar Government at DIET Champhai, wherein all the Lecturers acted as Resource Persons.

(iii) National Achievement Survey-2012:

National Achievement Survey-2012 for Classes III and VIII students in the districts was conducted in collaboration with NCERT during the month of November and December, 2012. The purpose of the survey was to know the level of achievement of students in the district.

(iv) National Talent Search (NTS) and National Means Cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS):

DIET Champhai in collaboration with SCERT and NCERT conducted National Talent Search (NTS) and National Means Cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS) for Class X and Class VIII respectively which was conducted on 17th November 2012 at GM Higher Secondary School wherein 131 students appeared for NTS and 260 students appeared in NMMS.

b. Physical Development:

(i) Approach Road:

During 2008-2009, the Public Work Department (PWD) and Rural Development (RD) had jointly worked together for black-topping the institution road which is 950 metres in length from the main road. Therefore the approach road to the institution is quite good.

(ii) Electrification:

Champhai DIET/DRC had its own transformer at the campus which had been installed by the Power & Electricity Department, government of Mizoram. Because of the installation of the transformer, there is no power problem at the institution and the office is running smoothly. Besides this, nine street light posts have been placed inside the campus by the Power & Electricity Department, Champhai.

(iii) Water Reservoir:

Water Reservoir of 75000 litres capacity was constructed at the DIET Campus by Rural Development (RD).

(iv) Water Connection:

Water Connection had been given to the office and quarters by the Public Health Engineer Department (PHED). Water is taken from Ruantlang Public Reservoir through 1350 metres length of pipe lines. Because of this, the institution had sufficient and abundant supply of water connection and had no scarcity of water so far.

(v) Widening of Road:

DIET Champhai campus road was widened with a measurement of 130 metres in length. The widening of road was done under the sponsorship of UD&PA Department of Mizoram.

(vi) Construction of Retaining Wall:

Along with the widening of the road, retaining wall was constructed with a length of 75 m with the help of UD & PA Department of Mizoram.

(vii) Drainage:

A good drainage system has been constructed alongside the campus road measuring 2017 metres with the financial and physical support of UD & PA Department of Mizoram.

(viii) Extension of DIET campus:

Initially, during the establishment of DIET, Champhai, the land area of the campus was only 3 bighas. The Village Council of Zotlang 'E' had donated the public land for DIET campus, now DIET has a campus area of 6 hectres.

(ix) Plantation:

The trees grown and planted in and around the campus are preserved and taken good care by DIET Principal & staff. The work of the employees are being noticed and recognized by District Green Mizoram Committee, Champhai. As such, on June 14th, 2012, the office had been awarded First Prize for Conservation and Preservation of trees in and around the campus.